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                                                            Welcome to the Adison Altamirano web site




        I did my PhD in the Universidad Austral (Chile) which I completed in 2007. My supervisor was Dr Antonio Lara,

        and my thesis was focused in Landscape Ecology topics. Specifically this research aimed to understand the

        spatial and temporal dynamics of land use/cover change and its impacts on species diversity patterns. Then,

        I did a postdoc in School of Geography at Nottingham University (UK), working on modelling of plant species



        Currently I work as Associate professor at the de Forest Sciences Department, Universidad de La Frontera

        (Temuco-Chile). My main activities are research and teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

        Moreover, I am the Head of the Laboratory of Landscape Ecology and Conservation, and the Director of the

        PhD program in Agro-food Sciences and Environment. For several years I participate as part of the staff of the

        Master Program in Natural Resources Management.


        My research topic is Landscape Ecology being the main focus of my study: land use/cover patterns, habitat

        fragmentation, ecological modeling, biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration. To do this I involve

        to other disciplines as ecology, statistical modeling, GIS analysis, and remote sensing.


        I collaborate with other colleagues from different countries and disciplines, some of them are: Richard Field,

        Paul Aplin, Adam Algar, Luis Cayuela, José M. Rey Benayas, Antonio Lara, Alejandro Miranda, Fulgencio Lisón.







Contact details:


E mail: adison.altamirano@ufrontera.cl

Landscape Ecology and Conservation Lab (www.lepfor.ufro.cl)

Forest Sciences Department

Universidad de La Frontera

Temuco - Chile

Tel: +56 45 2325658




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